I shoot things and like shinies. Meow


My Fun Toys:
Tyriel the Happy Bow
Marbles (mine)
Wings of Flying
Ring of no Sleep
Belt of Physical Perfection
Never Enough Arrows
Secret Box
Portable Ram
Immovable rods
Universal Solvent – can’t glue me!
Periapt of Wound Closure
Rusty Bag O’ Mystery Animal
Darkwood Bow
White Wood Bow of Speed and other stuff
Shiney of distraction and betterness
Moccasins of social acceptableness
Rest o’ my stuff



I grew up in a village on a small island. There was nothing special about my childhood, but as soon as I was grown I went out to search for my family. You see the island I grew up on had many orphans. We never were told whether we were orphans or if our parents truely were our parents, but it didn’t matter to us. At least for not of the kids, but I was the only one with my fur so I always felt different. We were raised to be warriors, to always protect our clan.

When my friends disappeared I was sure that I had brought some evil upon them. Having failed to protect my clan I went home seeking the help of the elders. While home I trained hard until one day when the village was attacked. We managed to drive the threat away finally giving me the confidence to hunt for my friends.

The next day I left for the city were I last saw my friends. As I was getting a room in the tavern we typically stayed in, I noticed a familiar cloak in the corner. There was an old friend. He said he would help look for my friends. The next day they mysteriously appeared.


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